Hair Loss Due To Thyroid Problems — What You Need To Know

Numerous factors lead to hair loss in men and women; thyroid is one of them. People who suffer from thyroid are likely to lose a lot of hair in quick succession, which sometimes takes a toll on their mental health. In case you have thyroid or know someone who does, then here are a few important facts about hair loss due to thyroid problems you should take note of. 

Thyroid & Hair Loss

Studies suggest that severe hyperthyroidism (or hypothyroidism) can cause massive hair loss if it’s not treated on time. Unlike alopecia, hair loss due to thyroid issues covers the entire scalp and not uneven patches. 

You need not worry about the regrowth of hair loss due to this medical condition; they grow back in most cases. Although it may take some time from person to person, hair loss due to thyroid gets reduced to a minimum level with time. The key here is to stay calm and patient during the entire procedure. 

While some people start seeing hair recovery within a few weeks, others may take up to several months. It can cause mental distress and make people anxious about their hair and whether they’ll ever regrow to their pre-thyroid state. According to experts at, you don’t need to worry about hair regrowth during such a time. Just focus on recovering from thyroid first and worry about hair regrowth later. 

In case you are not satisfied with how fast the hair growth is, there is always an option for cosmetic treatment at your preferred hair care clinic for quick and lasting results. So, keep all your worries aside and deal with thyroid problems with utmost patience and calmness.

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