As a marketer, it’s always important for you to design customized SEM plans and social media campaigns for your clients. There is no way you can suggest the same marketing plan to two clients from different industries and offer them the desired results. So, put in the time and effort to come up with a plan that can work for your client and help them get more customers. This post is about the restaurant business and how you can help your restaurant clients to grow online. Follow the points mentioned here for positive results.

Advertising For A Restaurant Business:

According to The Limitless Agency, if you have a restaurant client looking to increase its check-ins and online engagement, then you need to focus more on growing its social media presence. These days, people like to check in whenever they visit a cool restaurant with their friends and post photos of the same on Instagram or Facebook. So, your first goal should be to create a strong social media presence on these platforms.

There is no point in focusing too much on LinkedIn for this purpose as it’s more about B2B leads, wherein you are focusing on retail customers. Your first step in this regard is to create your client’s social media pages on FB and Instagram. Once this is done, run paid campaigns on both these platforms to grow likes and follower counts.

It’s not advisable to go for fake likes or followers as sold by many spammy sites as it will harm your client’s reputation in the long run.

Along with running a brand awareness social media campaign, you should also ask your client to provide you high definition pictures showcasing their signature dishes, ambiance, and culture. Start posting these images online regularly and use relevant hashtags to ensure they are visible to the maximum number of users. As you continue to publish more content regularly, users will start engaging with your posts and like or share them on their feeds and stories.

Keep on doing this activity regularly for at least 3-6 months to build a strong social media presence. Besides, connect with a GMB expert and get your restaurant’s Google My Business page created. Also, recommend your client to list the restaurant on different online food delivery platforms.

If you perform all these activities, you will be able to see a significant boost in your client restaurant’s check-ins and sales.

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