Side Effects of Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation can effectively cure baldness. It’s a non-invasive treatment for hair restoration and for more information on this click here. However some people may suffer a few side effects due to Scalp Micropigmentation.

Swollen lymph nodes

For some persons, Scalp Micropigmentation may lead to creation of small lumps at the back of the head. These lumps are round and small, on the surface of the scalp. It is a common side effect of tattooing. It may be caused by non-sterile and inappropriate pigments. This symptom is not a cause for alarm and goes way with time.


Redness of skin is the most common side effect of Scalp Micropigmentation. It happens due to perforation of skin. The skin heals naturally and the redness usually goes away in one or two days without any treatment.


Few days after the treatment, some people may develop an itchy scalp. It is merely due healing of the skin, which creates scabs. These dry patches of skin may itch for a while but the itching usually goes away within a week.


Some people may be allergic to the ink used for Scalp Micropigmentation. Certain reactants and heavy metals used in the ink may cause an allergic reaction on the scalp. Use of unsanitary tools by inexperienced practitioners can also cause allergies.

Blueness of scalp

Another side effect of Scalp Micropigmentation is that the dots start turning blue. This can happen when the practitioner is not well trained and uses regular tattoo ink. If the ink goes in too deep then the immune system may react with the ink and cause a blue hue. Sometimes it is simply caused due to bruising.

To avoid this side effect you must always visit reputed clinics for Scalp Micropigmentation with well trained and experienced artists.

Mid-treatment fading

Some may feel that the dots are rapidly fading. But this is a misconception. When the scalp peels away to reveal smaller dots then it can be misinterpreted as fading. However that is not the case and there is no reason to worry. 

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